Video_film_3.gif - (1K)  Short Clip showcasing how the media is laying the foundation for human

                                       chipping to become acceptable in the sub conscience of man.


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                                  WORLDBEAT: ID malleability creates virtual-world issues

                                   Portable Hard Drive comes with biometric fingerprint access.

                                      Network of surveillance cameras proposed for Pittsburgh

                                                        Identity Theft Blog Launched

                                       PBC sergeant implanted with medical-information chip

                                        Would an implanted chip help to keep my child safe?

                        From aardvark to zorilla, Noah's Ark project team plans to catalogue all life on earth   

                                                    Fingerprint scan to enter nursery

                                                    Implanted Chips in Our Troops?

                                          VeriChip Expects Q1 Revenue To Top Guidance - Update

                                       Innovative authentication targets Windows XPe thin clients

                                       Implantable RFID May Be Easy, But That Doesn't Mean It's Ethical

                                                    VeriChip Implants 222 People With RFID

                                         Corporation hides spychip implant risks in stock offering

                                        Patients, doctors staying away from implantable RFID chips

                                                               VeriChip Flat After IPO


                                                      Verichip FLASH QUOTE FROM NASDAQ


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            [YouTubeVideo_film_3.gif - (1K)   We the People Will Not Be Chipped -Your Papers Please ]

            [Google  Video_film_3.gif - (1K)   We the People Will Not Be Chipped - Welcome to the Machines - Hypnotized into the Mainframe]


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                      [YouTubeVideo_film_3.gif - (1K)   We the People Will Not Be Chipped - IBM, Verichip and the Fourth Reich]

                      [YouTubeVideo_film_3.gif - (1K)   We the People Will Not Be Chipped - Operation Lie and Deceive - Verichip Style]

                      [Google  Video_film_3.gif - (1K)   We the People Will Not Be Chipped - IBM, Verichip and the Fourth Reich]

                      [Google  Video_film_3.gif - (1K)   We the People Will Not Be Chipped - Operation Lie and Deceive - Verichip Style]

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                       The new We the People Will Not Be Chipped Group can be found here

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The We the People will not be Chipped - No Verichip Inside Movement, is based on the irrefutable fact, that we believe in mankind's inalienable human rights that are absolute and can not be debased, nor perverted. Human life can not be degraded to a 16 digit RFID chip number embedded under you skin under any circumstance. By uniting on this common ground, we can send a strong message to the IBM funded Verichip that we the people will not be chipped!

If you or your company/organization would like to get involved with the We the People will not be Chipped - No Verichip Inside Movement , we encourage you to get in contact with us. We are looking for contributors , web designers, artists in all fields , printers, multimedia experts, mailing houses, civil libertarians, financial contributors, and freedom fighters to help us take this message to the masses. We will only be treated like inventory when complacency becomes our drug of choice. 


As history has a funny habit of repeating itself. Study World War II closely on how IBM backed the Nazi Regime utilizing the Hollerith Machine . The Hollerith Machine was a punch card system that aided in cataloguing the population. This IBM technology gave the fascist, totalitarian state the much needed technology boost to increase it's rate of human data processing . The goal was simple, extreme nationalism which called for the unification of all German-speaking peoples and eradicating the enemies of the state namely the Jews and other non-compliant races.

Fast forward to the year 2006 , we have IBM funding the parent company of the Verichip  namely Applied Digital Solutions [ADSX] . The VeriChip Corporation is both FDA approved and patented with the owner of patent (#6,400,338) granted recently to VeriChip's manufacturer, Digital Angel Corporation, with worldwide patents pending.

In the re-active world's state of affairs, we are seeing world governments tightening measures in regard to identity protection, trumpeting our need to be protected from the forces of evil. As we move into the age of paranoia and fear these ideologies, supported by propaganda campaigns, demand total conformity on the part of the people. 

                                                     No Verichip Inside Movement - Please download and forward to your friends and family

We are seeing information and ideas filtered through the control of television, radio, the press, and education at all levels.

When the next 9/11 event occurs and world government, with the use of enforced martial law utilizing paramilitary police, demands mandatory human chipping, will you be considered the NEW JEW if you choose not to comply?

What if you believe a human should never be treated like inventory? What if you find the the thought of being chipped as degrading , degenerative and of feeble mind ? Do you become the enemy of the state because you will not accept a RFID EMBEDDED into your person?  We can say this , the day you accept a RFID Verichip is the day you have sold your human spirit . What have you received in return? Fear. The product they sold you.

We ask you this question.

" What are you doing to change the tide and educate others about world events whilst the world 'elite', politicians and multi nationals are working tirelessly to enslave you? "

The No Verichip Movement believes we can prevent the external social forces in polluting the human mind set that the human requires to be chipped .

If you feel as strongly as us and want to be part of this movement we ask you to get involved and get involved now! We are defending the pinnacle backbone of civil liberties and if one can not get motivated to prevent coerced and forced chipping of humans ,you would ask yourself whether the time has come to hand yourself into a mental institution ? The future generation does not request your assistance , it demands it.


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                                                  SERIOUS INVESTOR NEEDED

We need to take this message to the mass media and are requesting a deep pocketed man/woman who shares our belief system to step up to the plate. If this issue is not worth fighting for and contributing to , what is?  Millions get paid in tithes and offerings to circuses masquerading as churches with little or no results in the real world apart from bigger TV projectors , larger choirs and of course massive stadiums to preach the prosperity gospel. This is not an attack on Christianity as many of our members are indeed Christians. We are accusing the church system on a whole on not focusing on new developments and keeping the flock in the dark to generate continual revenue. People in general do not like 'real' news and the church system is aware of that so it tip toes around the facts and omits details to ensure the stadium is filled next week.

The time to wake up is now! If you feel you are the person and you know you have the capacity to help us stem the tide and at the very least educate the world populace about the human inventoring issue , contact us now! We will make the difference , we are the organisation they fear but we are missing the piece of the puzzle and you know who you are. Contact us and let's make the difference the world needs.


In a band or a musician? We are looking for artists to contribute towards a CD Compilation that will be based on an Orwellian theme against the enslavers and companies that do their bidding. We encourage you to send us an email for further details.


                                                                               Contact us now         

                                                      WANTED SECTION


                    - Print house to aid us in reducing costs for stickers and printed material.

                    - Chinese Mandarin translator.

                    - RFID experts always wanted.

                    - Bloggers to spread the message.

                    - Web junkies to submit links to Boing Boing, Grist ,Slashdot, Fark,ATS,Stumble Upon etc.

                    - Multi-Media experts wanted.

                    - Any news stories that we might find of interest? Email us the link and story.

                    - Have you any footage or pictures that could be used in one of the videos? Please email.

                    - Outside of the box ideas! Have an idea that will aid awareness? Please contact us!



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                                                                   Companies to Watch



Somark’s ID system is based on a biocompatible ink tattoo with chipless RFID functionality. When applied, the ink creates a unique ID that can be remotely detected without line of sight. The technology creates a synthetic biometric or fake fingerprint with Biocompatible Chipless RFID Ink.

                                                         NEWS LINKS  

     [ DNA banks, biometrics, RFID and other forces at play that are moving the world into the Orwellian nightmare.]

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                                                   ID card scheme cost put at £5.4bn

                                          Verichip systems installed in Mideast

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                                     TI, ADEL co-develop fingerprint ID processor

                                     Printed polymer electronics – the future of RFID

                                    Pfizer to Use RFID to Combat Fake Viagra

                                                   People prefer iPods to biometric passports

                                 IBG Publishes Study on Performance of Vein, Iris Recognition ...

                                  Design Review on NanoSensors' Product to Detect E-Coli

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                                                Privacy and RFID Information Systems

                             Texas Instruments Advocates RFID Authentication for ...

                                    Government agencies expanding use of RFID

                               First biometric passports issued

                    Biometric Hand Reader Replaces ID Cards That Can Be Stolen or Lost

                                 Civil rights row over school fingerprints

                     Biometric Check-Cashing: Pay By Touch Provides Check Cashing

                                       NXP to supply RFID chips for US e-passports

                             Passengers' chat will be recorded to foil hijackers

                     Technology Enhancements to Fingerprint Databases Increase ...

                                              RFID Tags: Big Brother in Your Wallet?

                                   Motorola, ASU Make Carbon Nanotube Advancement

                                VeriChip Corporation's VeriMed Patient Identification System Now ...

                                    Big Brother and Google Are Listening to You

                               Bill makes threat of 'Big Brother watching" very real, experts ...

                                                   Legislation to be drawn up for DNA testing

                                                    Disney has advised feds on biometrics

                                                       Digital Angel to distribute in Brazil

                                                   Biometric border checks come into force

                                                 British Airways to adopt NY biometric screening

                                                VeriChip wants to chip every US soldier

                                               Implanted Chips in Our Troops?

                                 Digital Angel to Market Electronic RFID Livestock Tagging Systems ...

                                                         Brave new medical MICROCHIP

                               A shot-in-the-arm microchip could save your life [Morons need only apply]

                           Thema: Siemens will lauch a takeover to Applied Digital Solutions

                                VeriChip takes Hugs and MyCall systems to Australia

                                    New Identification Technology Raises Concerns over Privacy

                                             VeriChip's human-implatable RFID chips clonable

                                          VeriChip to Implant RFID Tags in Blue Cross Members

                              Digital Angel to Market Electronic RFID Livestock Tagging Systems ...

                                       Verichip Allow Patients Medical History In Instant

                                                 Hacker Clones VeriChip

                                  Hints Reveal Why The Border Was Left Wide Open

                                      Bill would ban chip implantation in employees

                                         RFID Implants Aimed At Chronically Ill

                                       VeriChip announces plans for $42-million IPO

                                      People-chipping tech cloned by hackers

                                  VeriChip(TM) Announces Results of Italian National Institute Two

                                                      Biochip breakthrough in DNA

                                                       DNA database 'should include all'

                                      Micro chips becoming the latest medical accessory

                                                 Verichip systems installed in Mideast

                                          HSBC launches banking by mobile phone service

                                           Computer prodigy Derek Jacobs dead at 18





                            "It does not require a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless

                                         minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds "

                                                                                Samuel Adams